2010 NFL Power Rankings Week 1


With the conclusion of preseason, we’ve gotten a better idea of how teams might look in the regular season.

Many Super Bowl contenders such as the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers to look out for, as well as teams under fire like the Seattle Seahawks and the N.Y. Jets.

Take a look at The Purple Chaos power rankings of all teams heading into week 1 of the 2010 NFL season.

RK: Current rank
Highest all-time rank
Lowest all-time rank

Green: Up in rankings
Red: Down in rankings
Black: No change

RK / (Hi/Lo) Team Record Comment
1 / (1/1)


13-3-0 New Orleans might be suffering from a Super Bowl hangover, but they are still the champs until proven otherwise. We’ll see how much the hangover has effected them tonight.
2 / (2/2)
14-2-0 Peyton Manning is arguably the best quarterback in the league right now. With the Colts defense shaping up and Bob Sanders returning, this will be the team to beat in the AFC.
3 / (3/5) Ravens 9-7-0 Great preseason moves by the Ravens on padding the depth at wide receivers and cornerbacks. Scarier defense or offense? Opponents won’t look forward to playing the purple chaos this year.
4 / (4/4) Packers 11-5-0 Aaron Rodgers is making a name for himself; he should be battling Manning and Brees for the MVP award this year.
5 / (3/5)


12-4-0 No Sidney Rice? Even with Favre back, this team just lost some confidence in their offense.
6 / (6/9)
10-6-0 T.O. show or Ocho show? If they can stay friends, then the Bengals have a great wide-out duo that Palmer should take advantage of.
7 / (7/7) Chargers 13-3-0 Rookie running back Ryan Matthews looks to be a stud, but will that help with the fact that their No. 1 receiver is holding out?
8 / (8/8) Cowboys 11-5-0 Could the Cowboys be the first team in history to play AND host the Super Bowl?
9 / (9/10) Patriots 10-6-0 The presence of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady already gives them a shot to playoffs.
10 / (6/10)
9-7-0 Lots of smack-talk from this team, but with a less than stellar preseason the Jets have some work to do if they want to “walk-the-walk.”
11 / (11/11) Falcons 9-7-0 Matt Ryan is leading a well-rounded team, but they’re going to have to beat the Saints to make the playoffs.
12 / (12/19)


8-8-0 Best team in the division. They have a sure shot to the playoffs this year, and lookout for Crabtree.
13 / (13/15)


8-8-0 Titans need more than just Chris Johnson to go anywhere far; opposing teams will be ready for him this year.
14 / (12/14) Texans 9-70 Matt Schaub and his team have been improving every year. Could this be their first playoff appearance in team history?
15 / (15/16) Steelers 9-7-0 Team turmoil. At least Dennis Dixon looks promising.
16 / (16/18) Giants 8-8-0 Their defense looks a little better than last year, but still some concerns.
17 / (17/22) Dolphins 7-9-0 Chad Henne has a new toy, Brandon Marshall. Can he take advantage?
18 / (13/18) Eagles 11-5-0 It all relies on Kolb’s shoulders.
19 / (19/21)
4-12-0 Bringing Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb to Washington was certainly a step closer to winning games.
20 / (20/20) Broncos 8-8-0 We’ll see if Josh McDaniels made the right decision to give up Brandon Marshall.
21 / (21/26) Raiders 5-11-0 Raider Nation might finally have some things to cheer for this year.
22 / (22/23) Jaguars 7-9-0 The Jags need more star players; their current is the smallest player on the team, Maurice Jones-Drew.
23 / (23/24)


7-9-0 Will Brian Urlacher stay healthy this year?
24 / (14/24)
10-6-0 Compared to last year, this team looks ugly. Let the rebuilding begin.
25 / (25/32)


1-15-0 Sam Bradford is promising. And with WR Mark Clayton, Bradford might actually have someone to throw to.
26 / (17/26) Panthers 8-8-0 They have a good running back and receiver. Unfortunately, no proven quarterback to deliver.
27 / (27/30) Chiefs 4-12-0 Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster for a 1, 2 punch.
28 / (28/31)
2-14-0 Matthew Stafford showed a lot of great signs last year, but will he suffer a sophomore slump?
29 / (25/29)
5-11-0 Is Pete Carroll suitable for the NFL? Many have already criticized him for giving up their starting cornerback and receiver, Josh Wilson and T. J. Houshmandzadeh respectively, for some late-round draft picks.
30 / (28/30)
6-10-0 Explosive rookie running back C. J. Spiller. Boring everything else.
31 / (27/31) Browns 5-11–0 Jake Delhomme is not a significant improvement on Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn, if at all.
32 / (29/32)
4-13-0 Looking through the Buccs’ roster, I saw no one with fantasy value.

This list was created based on a poll of our staff writers: Conoon Kim, Gene Winner, Dan Soderberg, Alex Bishop, and Genna Wittstadt.