Esquire Chooses Ravens as Super Bowl XLV Favorite


Esquire.com has chosen their Super Bowl favorite of the year: the Baltimore Ravens. And to kickoff another season of their Monday Morning Cheerleader, Esquire.com asked the cheerleaders to comment on their respective team awards.

The representative for the Ravens? Cheerleader Dana G (pictured on the right).

Here’s what Dana told Esquire.com about the Ravens being chosen as the Super Bowl favorite:

“I absolutely think this is the year. With the pickup of Anquan Boldin and those draft picks, we now have all the ingredients: an up-and-coming offense and one of the best defenses in the NFL. If the Ravens show up every game — and we’ve already demonstrated that ability to bounce back — there’s no doubt that they’ll be in Dallas for the Super Bowl. Considering the schedule, 16-and-0 sounds accurate to me!”

I can’t agree more. This Raven beauty has been rooting for the men in purple since 2006, so she’s been around this organization and knows what she’s talking about. Much thanks to Esquire.com for featuring one of Baltimore’s very own  as their first featured lady of the year!

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