Ed Reed Among Top 100 Greatest NFL Players


Last night I was watching the 2nd episode of the “Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players” series on NFL Network and I saw a familiar face.

That face belonged to Baltimore Ravens FS Ed Reed, who showed up 88th on the list. Thanks to DVR, I was able to rewind and record. So for those of you who have not yet seen it, here it is:

The only thing I can’t agree with is NFL Network’s choice of presenter. Hines Ward? Really?? C’mon man

Regardless, Reed was given high honors and respect to be on this list. As of 2010, there are 260 members in the NFL Hall of Fame. That means Reed was considered greater than more than half the current Hall of Famers. Not bad. But with a with a few more years left in his career, I think Reed could be ranked even higher upon retirement.

With 80 players left to go, stay tuned for a sure post on No. 52— whom I believe will be among the top 25.