T.O. Joins Ocho in Ohio


Today’s big news is the signing of WR Terrell Owens by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Owens reportedly took a huge pay-cut to join his close friend, WR Chad Ochocino, in Cincy. The Bengals and Owens agreed to a 1-year deal worth $2 million, and potentially $2 million more through incentives. Considering Owens made $6.5 million last year with the Buffalo Bills, that’s about a 40% pay-cut he’s taking to be a Bengal— and that’s only if he earns his $2 million bonus.

Bengals’ Decision Pays Off
The Bengals definitely made the right move to get Owens. Earlier in March, Owens traveled to Cincinnati for team tryouts.  However, the Bengals chose to go with WR Antonio Bryant instead, signing him to 4-year contract worth $28 million. Well, that turned out to be a smart move because Owens really wanted to be a Bengal, and he eventually had to lower his value in order to do so.

Another WR Duo to Watch
The Baltimore Ravens are no longer the only team in the AFC North with a strong receiving corps. Now the Bengals are in the mix, and with their own wider-receiver duo. Like [Anquan] Boldin and [Derrick] Mason, Owens and Ochocinco will be an interesting pair to watch. When it comes to personalities in the NFL, both Owens and Ochocinco are near the top of that list. I mean, come on, both these players have reality TV shows that air on the same station right after another.

But Owens’ strong personality could also work against the Bengals. Every team Owens has been on, there was some type of locker-room issue. There’s almost a certain probability that Owens and Ochocino will butt heads over more looks. And where does all this leave Antonio Bryant? Will he be the 2nd or 3rd wideout?

Ray Lewis Looking to Payback

While many questions are left unanswered, one thing we do know is that the Baltimore Ravens will be seeing T.O. at least two times this upcoming season. Does anyone still remember how Owens refused to go to Baltimore and went to the Philadelphia Eagles instead? Ray Lewis probably does; if he doesn’t, I’m almost certain he remembers Owens mocking his signature pre-game dance.

My mouth is already watering to see the Ravens-Bengals match-ups. I can already vision Owens trying to cut across the middle, only to have his helmet popped off by Lewis— much like what happened to Ochocinco last year.