Ravens Troy Smith No Longer Needed in Baltimore


When the only other option at QB for the Baltimore Ravens was Kyle Boller, it made a lot of sense for the fans to clamor for Troy Smith to be inserted into the lineup.  So what if Smith was considered short for an NFL QB, was a 5th round pick, and tanked in the National Collegiate Title Game? At least he wasn’t Kyle Boller.  I agreed with that line of thinking and was glad to see Smith start the last 2 games of the 2007 season.   However, that all changed when the Ravens used a 1st round pick on Joe Flacco, who then led the team to 3 road playoff wins in his first 2 seasons.

Yesterday on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, Ed Reed suggested that Troy Smith was better equipped to be the Ravens backup QB than Marc Bulger.  Even according to the Baltimore Sun, Reed said that Bulger was “just another guy that’s been in the league and been around.”

Frankly, Reed’s comments are laughable.  In the past 2 seasons Troy Smith has thrown a total of 13 passes, and most were trick or gadget plays.  Bulger on the other hand has thrown for nearly 23,000 yards in his career to go along with 122 TD passes.  I understand that Reed is simply supporting a teammate who he has worked alongside for the past 3 seasons, but his comments certainly aren’t welcoming Bulger with open arms and could signify a potential rift in the clubhouse.

Ozzie Newsome was right to go out and acquire an accomplished veteran backup for Joe Flacco, but step 2 should be dealing Troy Smith to the highest bidder.  At this point I wouldn’t expect more than a 6th-rounder for Troy, considering that any team could have signed him as a restricted free agent by surrendering a 5th-rounder.  I’ve grown weary of the constant talk show callers complaining about Smith not getting a fair shot, and that there should be an open competition at QB in training camp.  Joe Flacco is the Ravens starting QB, and Baltimore is damn lucky to have him.  Now it’s time to wish Troy Smith ‘Bon Voyage’ to wherever the future leads him.