Baltimore Ravens Madden 11 Ratings Released


The Madden 11 player ratings for the Baltimore Ravens have been released today, and they are looking good.

You can find the full, in-depth ratings chart at ESPN.com where every player is broken down. A couple of months ago, EA gave us a sneak peak of the Ravens overall team rating of 90, which essentially ranked them as the 3rd best Madden team. Well, now it’s clear why they’ve been given their respective rating; there are a total of 22 players who have a rating of 80+, and 9 of those players boast a 90+ rating.

90+ Players
1. Anquan Boldin [91]
2. Le’Ron McClain [90]
3. Ray Rice [90]
4. Ben Grubbs [94]
5. Matt Birk [91]
6. Ray Lewis [94]
7 Terrell Suggs [90]
8. Haloti Ngata [94]
9. Ed Reed [97]

I’m fortunate that EA has given Baltimore the respect they’ve long been denied, but there are still some questionable ratings. For example, a 68 rating for Donte’ Stallworth seems a little low.  Also Le’Ron McClain was given just a 90, when he has proven to be one of the best fullbacks in the league. And Ray Rice being just a 90 as well? How is that sensible when Rice finished 2nd in the league for yards gained after scrimmage. Rice is one of the most versatile backs that can not only run the ball, but can run routes, make catches, and pass block.

But no worries, I’m sure they’ll see that Rice deserves more than a 90 after a few games into the season. Looking at this list, it doesn’t seem all that updated anyway. Some recent signings such as Marc Bulger and Ken Hamlin were nowhere to be found.