Stallworth Important Element to Ravens Offense


Donte’ Stallworth Vertical Threat

Does anyone remember the last time Ravens QB Joe Flacco threw a “bomb” or connected on a deep pass that stretched an opponent’s secondary last season?  Though Baltimore’s offense improved last year, they still struggled to find that vertical threat.  With the acquisition of Anquan Boldin and two new rookie tight ends, the offense improved dramatically in the offseason.  Insert Donte’ Stallworth to the equation and you now have the vertical threat, or “deep threat” as some refer to it, that the Ravens have been missing.  Stallworth was seen as a low risk acquisition for the team, but he may be crucial for the success of Baltimore’s offense.  Stallworth can stretch the field; this helps open up the middle for Boldin, Derrick Mason, Todd Heap or any of the new offensive additions.

Last season, opposing defenders comfortably boxed in Ravens receivers; they didn’t fear the threat of Flacco throwing deep.  Although the current group of wideouts (and rookie tight ends) can possibly contribute to the deep threat, Stallworth poses the most threat because he is the fastest receiver on the team— that could significantly open up the passing game.

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron was optimistic with the addition of Stallworth and the speed he brought on the  field.

“The one thing [Stallworth] always brought to the table [was] speed, He [ran] a 4.2-something coming out of college. We clocked him in 4.4 when we worked him out, so the great news is he still can run.”