Last 2 Ravens RFA Sign Tenders


The last two RFA (restricted free agents) in Baltimore, FB Le’Ron McClain and SS Dawan Landry, have finally signed their tenders.

If either of them did not sign before the June 15 deadline, then the Ravens had the option of lowering their offers down to 10% of each player’s respective 2009 salary. Although both players were looking for long-term contracts, they decided not to risk passing the deadline.

Dawan Landry signed his $1.759 million tender on Tuesday, keeping him a Raven for one more year. He reasons that “Everybody wants to do a long-term deal, but it probably won’t happen so you have to sign your tender.” With the possibility of a lockout in 2011, it seems players don’t have much say on long-term contract these days.

Le’Ron McClain also wanted a long-term deal, but had to settle for a 1-year contract as well. His 1st-round tender was worth $2.396 million, which was signed on Wednesday. McClain is an essential part of Baltimore’s run game; he blocks well and can pound the ball for short yardage situations.

“After being out the whole year and coming back, I felt I got better each and every week.” - Dawan Landry

“I’m feeling good… This is probably the best I’ve felt in the offseason. I’m just looking to expand my role, get some carries and show them I still want to do that. McClain for running back!” -Le’Ron McClain

It’s great to hear positive attitudes from both players. I’m sure if they brought that attitude on the field and put up some numbers, Baltimore will have no choice but to reward them with $$$. This is actually fantastic news because it now means every RFA has chosen to stay in Baltimore and sign their tenders.

That means no player drama. No divas. No distractions. More focus on winning. And ultimately a better chance at the Super Bowl.