More Pressure On Joe Cool?


More Pressure On Flacco?

When Joe Flacco was drafted in 2008 few thought he’d be the starting quarterback for the Ravens his rookie year. Well, you know the rest of the story. Flacco seemly took the helm of the offense and helped guide the team to the playoffs two years in a row. Now, some analysts are saying there will be a little more pressure on Flacco. Matt Williamson, Scout Inc. (ESPN.com) brings up some good points in his article, “Pressure Point: Is Flacco Truly Super?” Williamson says he is a big fan of Flacco, but also points out that, “He (Flacco) needs to take his game to another level for the Ravens to win the whole thing.” Williamson also suggests, “I expect the Ravens to throw more often this season and further trust Flacco to get the job done. That approach worked well early in the 2009 season, when the Ravens scored 30 or more points in five of their first seven games. But it also puts more pressure on Flacco.”

Obviously Flacco will need to improve and the organization has put some nice playmakers around him to succeed. From day one Flacco has taken on the pressure and the franchise has discovered a great quarterback. Sometimes  fans (and analysts) forget that the last two years were probably the best years on offense for the franchise—this offense is making a name for itself. Flacco has been one of the leading pieces helping pave the way.

No Pressure, Flacco’s Job Got Easier?

While some say there may be more pressure on Flacco, you can also look at it another way. You can make the argument that since the team added more offensive weapons, Flacco’s job just got a whole lot easier. He can find open targets quicker and opposing defenses can’t double team Derrick Mason anymore with Anquan Boldin in the line up. He and Cam Cameron are going into their third season together which is a positive. Let’s not forget Ray Rice who is primed for another great year which will only strengthen the passing game.