Baltimore Ravens 'Virtually' 3rd Best NFL Team


A first look at Madden 11’s list of team ratings showed the Baltimore Ravens ranked 3rd best overall.

GameSpot got the sneak peak from EA last week and posted the ratings of all 32 NFL teams.

Donny Moore, the “Madden ratings czar,” is the man behind all the team/player ratings for Madden. This year, he boosted the Ravens’ previous 87 rating to 90. It’s good to know the Ravens are finally getting some recognition and respect from EA. They’ve been underrated in many areas last year; when Madden 10 was released, the Ravens were rated 82 overall, 10 points behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. They also underrated many players like Ray Rice, who was given a mere 78 overall rating. What was Donny Moore thinking??

At least he redeemed himself this year. The addition of WR Anquan Boldin and the Ravens’ successful draft probably got Moore’s attention. The Ravens definitely look good on paper now that they have a good balance of offense and defense.

The rookies drafted within the first 3 rounds have also been released. LB Sergio Kindle was rated 78 and DT Terrence Cody was given a 74. Not bad for rookies. Hopefully those numbers will go up throughout the season.