Ravens Debate: Derrick Mason vs. Anquan Boldin


We all know the addition of WR Anquan Boldin was a huge plus for the Baltimore Ravens; he’s clearly a No. 1 caliber receiver and a threat on the field.

But the thing is, the Ravens already have a No. 1 wideout: veteran WR Derrick Mason. So that leaves us fans to wonder— who will be Baltimore’s new No. 1 receiver?

I’ve often heard the terms “1a” and “1b” to describe Mason and Boldin, labeling them as equals. Unfortunately this doesn’t  make sense because 1a precedes 1b— essentially being the same as calling them 1st and 2nd. This debate can really go either way since they are both No. 1 caliber receivers, but in the end there can only be one on the roster.

There’s no doubt this is a tough argument. Though when Boldin was in Arizona, he was recognized as the No. 2 behind Larry Fitzgerald. But it’s hard to distinguish because Mason and Boldin are so similar to each other in style and play; both are veterans, both had over 1,000+ yard seasons for the past 3 years, both have a career average of 12.3 yards per catch, both can make tough catches in traffic, and both have unquestioned toughness.

Let’s take a look @

Why Mason should be No. 1…

He has been with the Baltimore Ravens for 5 years now and is the undisputed leader among the wide receivers. He had 1,000+ yard seasons in all but one year since his signing with the Ravens. Mason stayed loyal and re-signed with his team after coming out of retirement. Mason’s 14 years of experience literally doubles Boldin’s 7 years.

QB Joe Flacco has been throwing to Mason for the past 2 years and has developed a good relationship with him. Mason has become Flacco’s “go-to-guy” and has been extremely reliable. He just deserves to be the Ravens’ No. 1.

Why Boldin should be No. 1…

Boldin may be a rookie Raven, but he’s still a veteran receiver. The former Offensive Rookie of the Year puts up a good fight for consideration of the No. 1 receiver spot.

Some advantages Boldin has over Mason is in height and size. At 6-1 and 217 lb., Boldin is 3″ taller and 25 lb. heavier than Mason. Another plus about Boldin is that he’s 7 years younger than Mason, so he probably has a little more stamina and speed.

Let’s face it, Mason is old. This could be the perfect opportunity for Boldin to step up and take over the No. 1 spot and possibly even let Mason be free from constant double-coverage.

Who YOU think should be No. 1…

I’d love to hear your side. Since this is a debate, feel free to openly discuss your opinions. I’ve also started a thread on our forum for this topic, which you can click here to find and comment on.

Oh and if I had to pick, I would ultimately stick with Mason. Familiarity is the tie-breaker for me.