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Ravens Debate: Derrick Mason vs. Anquan Boldin

We all know the addition of WR Anquan Boldin was a huge plus for the Baltimore Ravens; he’s clearly a No. 1 caliber receiver and a threat on the field. But the thing is, the Ravens already have a No. 1 wideout: veteran WR Derrick Mason. So that leaves us fans to wonder— who will […]

Ravens May Find Trouble Spreading Offense

With so many playmakers now on offensive, the Ravens might have trouble spreading the ball around to all the good players. The coaches are definitely going to find it hard when it comes down to offensive game-planning. Running or passing the ball is a critical decision that coaches must make. I mean it’s already a […]

Write Your Own Baltimore Ravens Articles

Our new forum is finally up and running; you can check it out @ http://thepurplechaos.com/forum/ I’ve been working hard to set this up and integrate it with the design of our website.  Although there are still a few bugs here and there, it should be fully functional and open for posting. Feel free to start […]

Zach Thomas Signs One-Day Contract And Retires

“It’s been a great ride.” Zach Thomas rejoined his former team, the Miami Dolphins, and retired on the same day. Thomas and the Miami Dolphins agreed to a 1-day contract worth $1. This allowed Thomas to end his NFL career where it all began. After the Dolphins drafted Thomas back in 1996 in the 5th […]

Ravens Passing Camp: Health Report

There are a few things we learned this week during the Ravens’ passing camp. These are some quick reports on player’s health: Jared Gaither continued to miss practice. A minor bruise on the bottom of Gaither’s foot caused him to be sidelined. Although Head Coach John Harbaugh doesn’t anticipate much time will be lost, this […]

Ravens Finally Address Cornerback Needs

The Baltimore Ravens signed two new defensive backs: Travis Fisher and Brad Jones. Travis Fisher is veteran cornerback that has 8 years of experience under his belt. The former 2nd-round draft pick has played for the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks; but that veteran experience doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity. Fisher never really had a […]

True Ravens Fans Aren’t Just Born In Baltimore

Meet Ariana, a.k.a. THEaTEAM52, an interesting Baltimore Ravens fan. Some of you may have seen Ariana on her YouTube Channel where her passion for the Ravens is clearly seen. She broadcasts everything from post-game analysis to rumors and news. Ariana only has about a years’ worth of uploads, but her popularity has grown quickly with […]