Ravens Have Kruger and Jones Bulk Up


The Ravens have been pushing Paul Kruger to gain some weight in order for him to transition from linebacker to defensive end.

So far in this offseason, Kruger has been able to pack on 10 extra pounds. Kruger assures us that most of his additional weight is composed of muscle. He said, “I don’t feel like I have added any fat, it’s more strength and muscle.”

Currently at 6-4 and 270 lb., Kruger looks to continue gaining weight throughout the offseason. He should be a formidable backup to Terrell Suggs next year.

Another player in Baltimore to have grown bulkier in size is Edgar Jones.

Jones played as a tight end last year, but the coaching staff recently switched him to fullback after releasing Charles Ali.

This makes for his 2nd position change in his 5-year career. Jones started in the NFL as an outside linebacker in 2007, and then converted to a tight end in 2008.

Losing Ali means Jones would most likely lineup behind FB Le’Ron McClain.

Jones is currently 6-3 and 263 lb. He will probably gain another 15-25 lb. by the end of the offseason.