Drew Brees Takes On Madden 11 Cover


Fans have voted, and the winner has been determined.

Saints QB Drew Brees has been chosen to cover the new EA Sports Madden 11 video game. His selection was certainly predictable and comes as a surprise to no one.

EA decided to let fans vote between 3 players for this year’s game cover. But the performance and achievements of Brees clearly stood among his other 2 competitors, Jared Allen and Reggie Wayne.

One can only wonder if EA was truly letting their fans vote; it was pretty obvious that Brees would be the winner. Chris Johnson, Derrell Revis, or even Darren Sharper could have given fans a more interesting competition.

Either way, Brees will be the one dealing with the “Madden Curse.”

The supposed Madden Curse has been around ever since EA started featuring players on their video game covers. For years, players that appeared on the cover of Madden has had some sort of injury the following season, hurting their performance.

We’ll see if that curse continues with Brees.