Several Uncertainties for the Baltimore Ravens


Unpredictable Draft Predictions

The Baltimore Ravens are scheduled to make their first pick draft pick at 25th overall. With only about a week left until draft day, there is still no telling what the Ravens will do.

Many analysts think the Ravens will take CB Kyle Wilson, while others believe they will go a different route and choose TE Jermaine Gresham or DT Jared Odrick.

Regardless of what mock drafts are saying, I think the only predictable thing we can agree upon is the unpredictable nature of the Ravens in the draft.

Just hours before their first pick last year, the Ravens traded up to grab OT Michael Oher. The year before that, the Ravens chose QB Joe Flacco. I think it’s safe to say those picks came as a surprise to everyone. Oher wasn’t even considered an option until a last minute deal with the Patriots opened doors, and the Ravens went all over the boards for Flacco by trading down and up.

No one knows for sure what Ozzie will do next week.

Jared Gaither Rumors

To be honest, I’m getting a little tired with the Gaither rumors. Will he be back next year in purple or not? These rumors must mean something, right?

Ozzie Newsome doesn’t think so.

He said, “I have yet to field any calls from any team about any of our players this offseason. I have yet to do it… Until someone comes along and offers something that is really, really enticing, these are the ones that we are getting ready to play in September.”

Although there have been many reports that the Ravens would accept a high 2nd-round draft pick for Gaither, nothing official has surfaced.

If the trade is going to happen, I don’t understand why teams haven’t made a move.

Personally, I would love to see Gaither stay. Unfortunately, it’s costly to have both Gaither and Oher on the roster. Considering how Gaither will be a RFA next year, it would be wise for the Ravens to deal him now if they were thinking about it.

The sooner, the better.

Ed Reed’s Silence

Not so much as a single word has come from Reed since his post-game interview of last season’s AFC Divisional game.

It’s very troublesome to be uncertain about Reed’s return. Could his injury be that bad? He should have said something by now if it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Fans are concerned, but Ray Lewis and Ozzie Newsome are not. Both have expressed their faith and certainty in Reed’s return. Lewis said Reed was not done, and that he had a lot left in him to play. Newsome described it differently, saying that any player who has not sent a letter of retirement to the league is expected to play for their team.

I sure hope they’re right. I would be heartbroken to see the Ravens without Reed. It’s much too early for his career to end, and he still needs a Super Bowl ring.

Final Thoughts

It’s a frustrating thing for a fan to feel uncertainty. But even with all these unanswered questions, we do know some things: draft results are usually successful for Baltimore, Oher is a solid replacement if Gaither is traded, and Tom Zibikowski showed great potential last season when he stepped up for the injured Reed.

After next week’s draft, I’m hopeful that most of these questions will have been answered. Until then!