Philadelphia Eagles Trade McNabb To Rivals


The Eagles traded QB Donovan McNabb to their rivals, the Redskins

It appears the Redskins may have won the battle, but who really won the war?

The Philadelphia Eagles former first-round draft pick, Donovan McNabb, has been given to the Washington Redskins in exchange for the 37th overall pick in the second round of the 2010 draft, in addition to a third/fourth-round draft pick in 2011.

While McNabb has no Super Bowl ring, he did lead his former team to 5 NFC championship games and 1 Super Bowl. He was also a 6-time Pro Bowler.

For now, it’s much too early to say who got the better end of this deal. It most likely could have been a win-win situation.

The Redskins landing a veteran quarterback just after signing a third running back could finally equate to some wins; it’s apparent that they are building a team to win the Super Bowl this year, not in the future.

As for the Eagles, they were willing to part ways with McNabb because they had Kevin Kolb ready to take over and Michael Vick as a solid backup; and to get a 2nd-round draft pick for a 33-year old quarterback is a huge win.

Regardless, this trade will stir up some talk for quite some time. The Eagles-Redskins rivalry just got that much better.