Catching Improvements In Madden 11


Here is a first look at some Madden 11 screenshots with Anquan Boldin in a Ravens jersey.

In Madden 10, some of the catching animations of receivers were quite frustrating. Well, the Madden development team posted their first Madden 11 blog post about fixing these animations and bugs.

Here are some issues they hope to address:

  • Forcing receivers to catch the ball in stride instead of slowing down and jumping up for the ball, particularly on streaks, corner strikes, and deep posts.
  • Lowering the number of times a receiver will run back towards to QB after catching, mainly with curls, hitches, screens, and smash routes.
  • Lessening the chance of an open receiver behind the line of scrimmage trying to make aggressive style catches.
  • Raising awareness of receivers to keep both their feet in bounds on sideline and end zone catches.
  • Adding more catching animations to add variety and to create a more authentic game play.

So far, so good. But there is just one more thing that I’d like to see fixed for Madden 11:  the “no look” catch. I just can’t stand when receivers are somehow able to catch the ball without even turning their heads to find the ball first.

The new development team emphasizes how they are gearing towards a more authentic game play; so why is it that something as simple as players turning their heads to find the ball has not yet been implemented?