Redskins Overloading on Running Backs?


After I questioned former Steelers RB Willie Parker’s future in black and gold, the Washington Redskins seem to have taken notice of his availability.

Not even a week has passed since Parker expressed his bitterness towards the Steelers to the media; and in that short span of time, Parker and the Redskins have agreed to a 1-year deal. The contract is reportedly worth up to $3.1 million with incentives.  The big news here is not the loss of a running back for the Steelers, but the surplus of backs for the Redskins.

The Redskins already have Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson in their lineup, and both were pro bowlers. I can’t see why they would spend good money on a position that is already strong in depth. Maybe the Redskins are shifting to a more run-heavy offense?

This seems to be the case, especially considering how Mike Shanahan is the new Redskins Head coach. Herm Edwards once described Shanahan’s style of football as “pass to score, but… run to win.” It was expected of Shanahan to address the 27th ranked rushing game of the Redskins, but Parker’s addition is still confusing. Why not look for depth at the offensive line? Portis and Johnson are great backs and are productive when there is a decent line to block for them.

My conclusion? Shanahan is worried that he’ll lose Clinton Portis again. Or worse, he’s afraid that his curse with injury-prone running backs will return.