Madden 10 Tip #2: How to Stop a Nano Blitz


Because my last tip involved how to actually perform a nano blitz, I must stay objective and explain how to counter these nano blitzes.

Just as there are defensive line adjustments, there are also important offensive line adjustments. To bring up the preplay menu to control the O-Line, press L2 before the snap. You will notice 4 main options:

  1. Aggressive (move the left stick UP)
  2. Pinch (move the left stick DOWN)
  3. Right (move the left stick RIGHT)
  4. Left (move the left stick LEFT)

Aggressive line play will be good to use when power running, pinching will be ideal for stopping A or B-gap blitzes, and right or left shifts will help control those edge rushers.

So now that you’ve been acquainted with O-Line shifts, you are ready to stop those evil nano blitzes that everyone seems to abuse. For this particular example, I have set up the defense in the A-gap nano blitz formation.

While on offense, you must always be aware of the defensive setup that your opponent is in. The A-gap nano blitz is fairly easy to spot because the middle linebacker will be positioned between the defensive tackles and will look ready to blitz. In this example, pinching your O-Line will force your guards and tackles to push towards the center, clogging up the middle.

Watch this video to understand the effect of pinching your O-Line:

Watch how your LT and RT immediately move towards the center at the snap of the ball; this puts them in the position to block any nano blitzers down the middle.

Keep in mind that pinching will not stop every nano blitz. It is up to you to practice, practice, practice. You will eventually find the right O-Line shift for each type of blitz. For instance, if you’re opponent is constantly blitzing his LOLB, then shift Left.