Madden Ultimate Team Tip #3: Getting the Most Out of Every Card


Here is the most important rule to getting the most out of your cards: NEVER discard. Regardless of card type or rarity, you should never discard any card.

There is 1 rare exception to this rule; Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to win an auction for a card that has a higher discard value than your highest bid. For instance, one time I won an auction for a LOLB Julian Peterson Legendary card for 480 coins. The card had 4 contracts left, so the discard value was 580 coins. Since I already had a Julian Peterson in my lineup, I was able to simply discard him for a profit of 100 coins.

Even Bronze cards sell for much higher than their given value. With people “farming” and transferring coins among other reasons, Bronze cards have a surprisingly high demand. You could easily sell a Bronze card valued at 10 coins for 25 in theĀ  Auction Block. This might not sound like a whole lot of profit, but trust me it will add up in the long run. I have made over 300,000 coins from auctions by selling and not discarding.

You must remember to approach every card differently. I’ll break down an example of how to efficiently use a FB Le’Ron McClain Gold card. This card is valued at 500 coins and has a default contract of 6 games. Since my team is centered around the Ravens, I like to keep McClain in my roster. So when I use him down to 1 contract, I have 2 options: sell him and buy another or extend his contract.

Let’s see what we will get from selling and buying:

  • +100 coins average selling price for a Gold Le’Ron McClain with 1 contract remaining
  • -250 coins to buy a new Gold Le’Ron McClain card with 6 contracts remaining
  • In the end, we spend 150 coins from recycling the Gold Le’Ron McClain and using him for 5 contracts
  • If we continue this recycling process, we are only paying 30 coins per 1 contract on a Gold Le’Ron McClain

Now let’s see what we will get from extending his contract:

  • -750 coins for a Legendary contract card, with 15+ contracts for Gold cards
  • In the end, we spend 750 coins to keep the Gold Le’Ron McClain and to be able to use him for 15 more games
  • If we continue extending his contract, we are now paying a much higher 50 coins per 1 contract

So by extending his contract, you lose 20 coins per contract for 15 contracts, which comes out to a 300-coin loss!

Now, this is just one example of how to handle a specific card. Every card will be different because of rarity or demand. Just breakdown each card and determine the best option because selling is not always the right way to go. For example, a Legendary FS Ed Reed will be one card you’ll want to keep extending contracts for because his purchase value is significantly higher than the cost to buy Legendary contract cards.

Just remember: never discard!