Voluntary Workouts Begin With Some New Faces


Veterans Terrell Suggs, Matt Birk, and Donte Stallworth make their first voluntary workout apperance with the Ravens.

LB Terrell Suggs, C Matt Birk, and WR Donte Stallworth were some of the faces seen earlier today at the Raven’s training facility in Owings Mills, Maryland. They are all veterans, but they are joining their Raven teammates for the first time to participate in voluntary workouts.

After a sluggish performance in 2009 from being out of shape in the offseason, this may be an opportunity for Suggs to reestablish dominance at his position. I must admit, I’m glad Suggs finally decided to train with the rest of his team. Besides last year’s injury rehab, Suggs usually spends his offseason at Athletes Performance, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Hopefully his participation this year will get him conditioned to perform like he used to.

For Matt Birk, his presence set a great example for the young offensive linemen. Michael Oher was impressed to see a 12-year veteran still participating in voluntary workouts. I’m definitely glad to see the leadership that Birk has brought to our developing lineman.

Now given that Donte Stallworth has been hiatus for over a year, it’s good to know that he is taking the early opportunity to shake off the rust. There is no doubt Stallworth is driven to play at a high level again. By practicing with Brady Quinn during his suspension, the league has not stopped him from staying in shape.

So far so good. All signs point to a successful season; Suggs and Stallworth will bring great production next year, and Birk will lead the offensive line to being one of the best in the business.