Madden 10 Tip #1: Nano Blitzing the A-Gap


Since my philosophy is all about defenses winning games, my first tip will be a brief introduction to a defensive strategy.

I will be introducing the nano blitz, which is a defensive setup that allows a rusher to sack the quarterback without being blocked. In real life, this type of play happens once in a while when a running back fails to pick up the blitz or when an offensive tackle misses his assignment. In Madden, people have mixed feelings about using nano blitzes.  Some call it cheating or glitching, while others see it as a strategy or skill. Either way, there’s no argument that nano blitzing is a tip for the game, so I will explain the most basic nano blitz setup.

The A-gap is the hole between the center and the guard. There are a total of 2 A-gaps; one between the LG and the C, and the other between the C and RG. For this example, we will be blitzing the A-gap on the right, between the C and RG. This nano blitz will allow your middle linebacker to run through the right A-gap without being touched. The only requirement for this play is to use a playbook with a 3-4 defense (such as BAL or NYJ).

Follow these steps:

  1. Under 3-4 SOLID, choose COVER 2
  2. Press L1 to bring up D-Line audibles and move the LEFT ANALOG STICK DOWN
  3. Highlight the defensive end on the right and RE-BLITZ him by pressing “X” and moving the RIGHT ANALOG STICK DOWN
  4. Highlight the middle linebacker on the right and RE-BLITZ him as well
  5. Place the linebacker in the right A-gap, but just barely behind the defensive linemen

If you’ve done everything right, you should be getting something like this:

*Sorry for the terrible video quality. As soon as I get my HD-Component cable, I will re-upload this demonstration*

You’ll notice that both your DT and DE will match up with your opponent’s C and RG, letting your MLB get through untouched. Because nano blitzing is all about speed, I sometimes blitz my strong safety instead of the linebacker. Since the pressure will collapse the pocket rather quickly, there usually won’t be a need to cover deep zones anyway.

Practice to the point where you can go through steps 1-5 within 5 seconds because that’s how much time you will get before your opponent can snap the ball. Don’t get discouraged if your rusher doesn’t get through the first time, just keep practicing the pre-snap placement of the linebacker.