Madden Ultimate Team Tip #2: “Farming” Accounts


In this post, I will try to go over the basics of “farming” accounts for Madden Ultimate Team.
*Note: This process was released for Madden 10, but has been reported to work just as well on Madden 11*


Basically, a “farming” account is just another name for a separate account you will create for producing coins. Here is a list of benefits of a “farming” account:

  • Ability to keep more than the  55 player card restriction
  • Easily manage between your Ultimate Team and your “farming” team
  • Ability to surpass the 250 contract card purchase limit from Weekly Deals
  • Free starter pack


Because the PlayStation Network is free, creating a new account is fairly simple and requires only a new e-mail address. Though, you must realize that ONE e-mail address will give you ONE “farming” account. Therefore, if you ever decide to make multiple “farming” accounts, you will need multiple e-mail addresses. Now follow these steps to create your own “farming” account:

  1. Create a new User on the PS system
  2. Register a new PlayStation Network account for the new PS User
  3. Load Madden, and proceed with the registration of a new EA Sports account
  4. Load Ultimate Team, and proceed with the creation of a new team

And that’s it!


Now for the fun stuff. Once you’ve gotten your starter pack, you should have a team ready to play. Since this is a farming account, the sole purpose of this account is to generate coins. An easy way to do that is to win lots of games. To increase your chance of winning, we must first make some adjustments:

  1. In the Ultimate Team main menu, go to “Settings” in the far right
  2. Go in “Game Options” and change “Quarter length” to 1 minute and “Accelerated Clock Runoff” to 25 seconds.
  3. Now go back and enter “Penalties” where you must set the “Offside” slider down to 0.
  4. After that, you must go into “Player Skill” and set the “Preset Skill Level” to All-Madden difficulty.
  5. Finally, go to “CPU Skill” and set every slider down to 0.

Once you have done this, start a game. You will notice that the game is very short and that the computer AI is horrible. Remember, offside penalties are off now. This means that when the computer is on offense, you can cross the line of scrimmage and be in the quarterback’s face when he snaps the ball, resulting in an immediate sack.

The reason for these settings is to maximize efficiency. You don’t want to sit around playing a hour game to earn at most 800 coins when you could play 10 games in the same amount of time, earning 400 coins for each game. In the long-run, you will earn much more by playing shorter, less-earning games than playing longer, high-earning games.


Because every player will eventually play out their contract, you must keep buying Bronze packs to avoid having an unusable team. The great thing about “farming” teams is that they are very cheap and manageable. With just 500 coins, a Bronze pack will bring in 6-7 new players at a time. Sometimes you will only need 1 or 2 players at a position to be able to play. If this is your case, you will want to individually buy those position players from the “Auction Block.”

Either way, you should not have to worry too much. For example,  the starter pack gives players with at least 7 contracts remaining. Playing 7 games, you will have earned 2,500 coins at the very least. If you take out 1,000 coins for 2 Bronze packs, then you’ve just earned yourself 1,500 coins while still maintaining a usable team. You will always gain profit by winning games with cheap players.


Here is a list that shows the maximum number of coins you can earn for certain accomplishments:

  • Win the game: 300+ coins
  • All-Madden Skill Level: 100+ coin bonus
  • Rush for 250+ yards: 60 coins
  • Pass for 400+ yards: 60 coins
  • 4 Passing TD’s: 60 coins
  • 4 Rushing TD’s 60 coins
  • Allow less than 50 yards on defense: 20 coins
  • 1 Defensive TD: 25 coins
  • 1 Special Teams TD: 25 coins


This is probably the most important part to “farming.” There’s just 3 simple steps to transferring the coins you’ve earned on your “farming” account:

  1. In your “farming” account, determine how many coins you want to transfer to your main account.
  2. Now go to your main account and place a cheap, dispensable card in the “Auction Block.” Be sure to set the “Buy Out” price to the determined amount of transfer. Also, make note of which card you have put up for auction.
  3. Finally, go back to your “farming” account and simply find the card in the “Auction Block” and buy it out.

After a few selling fees, your main account will now have the coins you’ve “farmed!” This was definitely a lengthy post, but hopefully worth it. I will edit this from time to time when I discover new and better methods. Thanks for reading and good luck “farming.”