Madden Ultimate Team Tip #1: Reselling Contract Cards for Profit


This tip has to do with Madden Ultimate Team, a new addition to this year’s Madden that allows you to create a fantasy team and challenge others online.

If any of you are familiar with this part of the game, you will also know how hard it is to accumulate coins and maintain a good overall team. Keeping your players can be a pain to deal with because the players must routinely have their contracts renewed with “contract cards”, which can rack up a lot of coins.  Since these cards are in relatively high demand, I found people purchasing them at high prices.

If you haven’t noticed, you can go to the “Weekly Deal” section of the main screen and press R1 a couple times to find various contract cards available  for purchase. I realized that I was able to buy these cards  and sell them for a higher price on the “Auction Block.” It seems the Legendary and Silver contract cards were most profitable. *Important* Keep in mind that EA only allows 250 purchases of each card from the Weekly Deal section.

I will break down how much you could earn from reselling your contract cards.

  • If ONE Legendary contract card is bought for 750 coins and sold at an average of 850 coins, then the total profit comes out to 850 (revenue) – 750 (cost of card) – 41 (auction fees) – 3 (listing fees) = 56 coins
  • By selling 250 cards, you could make  a potential 14,000 coins

And that was just an example of the profit potential of reselling Legendary contract cards, you could use this same strategy for Silver contract cards as well.  Now granted, this process will take some start-up coins and time devotion, but it will be pure profit.  If you’re worried about reaching the 250 card limit and not being able to buy any more contract cards, then setting up a “farming account” is your solution.